Mobile Performing Arts, LLC is a professional performing arts service company.  Founded by Maestro Robert Nance, its purpose is to provide a viable and sustainable way for the performing arts to offer live entertainment and performances without the need for a brick-and-mortar venue.

Through the development and launch of its proprietary ART-V™, Mobile Performing Arts customized a vehicle design that includes a performance space, sound, lights and a safe, self-contained area for performing artists.

The ART-V™ is the outcome of Maestro Robert Nance’s idea to provide a revenue vehicle for non-profit art organizations without requiring a brick-and-mortar entertainment venue or fixed stage.

The ART-V™ offers a direct way for art organizations to reach new audiences, to bring the arts to underserved communities, to connect and build relationships in the community.

Mobile Performing Arts, LLC provides the legal and logistical framework for bringing the arts industry and various manufacturing industries together to create customized ART-Vs™ that serve the needs of various artists, organizations and presenters. Currently, the performing arts industry is rife with opportunity. Many performing artists are seeking viable opportunities for live performances when most traditional venues have closed or severely limited use of their enclosed spaces due to the pandemic for up to 36 months. MPA creative team possesses the necessary expertise to unite these industries for the advancement of the cultural arts and entertainment of communities nationwide.